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~ Info About Mishwed's ~

Mishwed's are human-kind creatures, with mushrooms growing on their heads. Normally they have 2-3 mushrooms, but some are born only with one mushroom. They're usually shy and wears too big clothes since they're embarrassed to show their body. They live near forests, alone or with groups. They have same feelings as humans do, and they can have relationships with other human-kind species.

- They usually has 2-4 mushrooms growing on their head. Some are born with only one though. (Rare)
- Mushrooms are NEVER same kind of mushrooms. All of them causes different things, like amnesia or poisonous etc.
- If mushrooms are removed or someone eats them, they grows new one in few days.
- Mishwed can eat mushrooms without getting sick, they're immune to their own mushrooms. Removing one won't hurt Mishwed.

Common Personalities
- Shy.
- Peaceful.
- Loving.
- Nice/Kind.
- Crybaby.
- Caring.
- Always happy.

Exceptions !
If they are abused during their childhood, they normally grows up being angry and aggressive. Or playing cool guy. They usually tries to make people to eat their mushrooms and make them suffer. Some are just born that way without reason. Other Mishweds are normally afraid of these.

Ears / Tails
- Some of them has human-like ears, but they can have animal ears too, any species. Depends on their parents.
- EVERY one of them has tail though. Most common tail is fluffy and long. But can be any species too.
- Some Mishwed's has mushrooms growing on their tail too. (Rare)

- They normally wears extra large clothes, because they're shy to show their body. That's why their clothes are most likely full of holes, if they touches ground all the time.

- If they're not shy personality, they can wear tight clothes to show their muscles to keep shy ones away from them. These dudes are normally misunderstood or abused, since they wants to show their toughness.

Sometimes shy ones wears tight clothes to get attention.

- They has same feels as humans does, so they can fell in love with kemonomimis, humans or any kind of human-likely creature.
- They can have relationships for same gender, but they can't have babies with them.
- If they have babies with humans, baby will have at least one mushrooms on his head.


Mushrooms List! ~
This is for people who wants to think unique mushrooms.
You can have same ones as in list, of course.

- Poison (Homohelvetti, -)
- Amnesia (Homohelvetti, -)
- Love (Birchwing, -)
- Unconsciousness/Sleep (Zhombii, -)
- Happy ('High') (Homohelvetti, -)
- Lie-Blocker (Homohelvetti, -)
- Confusion/Insecurity (PlayDeadYo, -)
- Obsession (PlayDeadYo, -)
- Horny (Homohelvetti, -)
- Energy (Kamuva, -)
- Mind-Reading (Kamuva, -)
- Headache-Cure (Talonwhisker, -)
- Improves Vision (Talonwhisker, -)
- Numbness (damn-days, -)
- Writers Block (Signed-with-a-Star, -)
- Infatuation (Signed-with-a-Star, -)
- Nightmares to come true (Signed-with-a-Star, -)
I'm sorry that I never finished those.
I was so busy back then, and now that I actually have time, it's been like almost 4 months.
I'm not sure who is interested having their custom anymore. :c
This group has been so dead, but I'll make it alive again!

I'll probably open customs again, since I'm in need of money.
I'm not sure how worthy I'll put customs to be. I need to think of that.
Also I need to create new base.
But yeahh, there will be free give away events, yes! ~~
And you can always make your own Mishwed!

Excuse me, Homohelvetti.
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